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Thursday, 23 January 2020

A Social Media Detox

Who else is an over thinker? I think this whole problem I have with over thinking is amplified by being glued to my phone too much. I honestly didn't realise how much time I was spending scrolling until I couldn't scroll anymore. I've already completed one and d half books in January thanks to limiting my screen time and now eventually deleting my socials. My problem is that I don't over think about anything remotely useful, instead all kinds of unimportant stuff that I shouldn't waste my energy on. I'm trying to live more in the moment, despite how cheesy it sounds, I am really taking it all in and using my brain power to be more productive and creative.

A side note -  I've realised since doing this for a week is that I literally have no clue what is going on in the world. All my news literally comes from twitter (how millennial of me). I don't even have any news apps on my phone. Normally, I'm all about staying informed and connected with the world around us but sometimes the world is pretty shitty! At times It's been quite disorientating not knowing what is going on 24/7 but saying that, it's also been really nice to be disconnected for a while.

In the grand scheme of things a week isn't that long to go without social media, but it's a start! I intend on being social media free for a month, and then slowly introducing it back into my life, starting with Instagram because that's what I miss the most.

If I could describe in three words how I feel a week into my social media detox they would be; Free, creative and bored.

Maybe we should all take some time out of social media to reconnect with ourselves.

Megan x

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