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Thursday, 16 January 2020

I've Stuck With The Same Foundation For 3 Years

When going through my old blog posts I came across a post from 2017 in which I was reviewing The Body Shop's 'fresh nude foundation'. It came to me as a shock that I've now been using it for a whole 3 years! I knew I'd been using it forever but wow, that's a long time to stick with the same formula. I think it's safe to say that I swear by this foundation.

For about 2 years I paired it with Kat Von D's primer, but when I came back from interning at Cosmopolitan Magazine I was gifted with a few things from the beauty cupboard, and thankfully the Fenty Beauty primer was one of them. It's silky smooth and feels so refreshing when you apply it to your skin, and it leaves your skin feeling super tacky which works really well when paired with the body shop foundation. If I was to compare the foundation to anything else I'd say it was like the Revlon long stay foundation, but much lighter coverage.

My shade is Bora Bora and  has consistently stayed the same over 3 years, which makes me think I REALLLY need a holiday!

To apply this foundation I use a damp beauty blender, pump some product onto the back of my hand (about 2 and a half pumps) then from there dot it all around my face. It blends amazingly and covers all my redness! Luckily for me I hardly break out and have pretty good skin, so most days foundation alone is enough to satisfy me but incase of spots I do have The Body Shops concealer which works a dream! I have it in the second lightest shade and it's just a tad lighter than the foundation which also gives me a slightly highlighted effect.

Although everything I've mentioned above is amazing, my favourite part about this foundation is that It's cruelty free- even though I left my vegan life behind last year I still like to buy as much cruelty free products as possible when shopping makeup and skincare.

What's your favourite foundation?

Megan x

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