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Saturday, 22 February 2020

What My First Solo Trip Taught Me About Myself

I recently travelled to Paris, this was my first trip outside of the UK by myself, armed with the milescule French I learned at secondary school here are some things I learned about myself while away.

I travelled to Paris via Eurostar, probably the easiest way to get into Europe from the UK. I already knew I needed to reduce any stresses when travelling solo, so I knew travelling by plane was not for me (I'm deathly afraid of them). The whole process was easy and straight forward however it was just a pain to get to London itself... If you're from the north of England you'll understand! 

I decided to stay in an AirBnB, not only was it cheaper than most hotels, it also offered an authentic Paris feel which I really wanted for a solo trip. Since I was by myself I didn't mind that the shower room was small etc. The flat itself was situated in République 10th arrondissement, not too far from the train station and if you don't mind walking for an hour or so, next to the main attractions. I personally didn't mind the walk so it worked perfectly for me. Inside it was a Parisian fashion paradise... okay, maybe that's a slight overreaction but you get the idea. Marble tables, dried flowers, loads of coffee table books, lovely art and I think I could carry on for about another 5 minutes. Situated on the corner next to a florist, coffee shop and food shop I knew I'd made the right choice over staying in a hotel. 

I chose to get £200 exchanged into Euros and I ended up with €210 which served me well. I came back with €40. The idea is to not be too ambitious with that you think you'll be doing. I knew I'd be going to the touristy places so I set aside about €40 to do anything from an open top bus to a river cruise. I ended up going for the river cruise, which was lowkey a let down because the river was too high to go and see the main attractions so we went down the opposite end of the river, although I guess it leaves more to explore next time *trying to think positive*. 

If there's one major thing I learned while in Paris it is to learn more of the language. Of course most people speak English but honestly I think if I had learned more before going I would have been able to enjoy the whole experience more, from ordering food to chatting to locals in shops (I don't know if it's just me but the French seem very welcoming, even if the streets are filled with protests and political unrest). 

I would love to go back to Paris, even if it's solo! I had such a good time resting and keeping the pace my own. Sometimes going away with others ends up too focused on what everyone else wants to do, and not what you want. One morning I left the house at 7:30 just to wander around and found a coffee shop, I really managed to explore Paris and go places I wouldn't have otherwise. 

Megan x


  1. Congrats on your first solo trip! Sounds like Paris was a good choice. I agree, going away with friends is always good but when you're on your own it seems like you can see/do so much more :)

  2. Thanks Michael, I would 100% recommend to go to Paris solo, even just to sit in a coffee shop and people watch- so relaxing!