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Monday, 23 March 2020

A Blog Post A Day For 2 Weeks: Pandemic Edition

Due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus, It seems I've not got work for two weeks. Luckily for me, I have a blog to write, and have decided to do a blog post everyday for each day I am not stuck at work. Mostly this is to give myself a routine and to help me not go insane! I tend to do that when I have noting else better to do.

I've actually already been off work for 5 days, but today (Monday 23rd March) marks the 'official' time off work issued by my company due to the governments instructions. 

What I've done today so far:

  • Walk to the shop to buy a few essentials and post the last Depop parcel for a while
  • Practiced winged eyeliner, as my boyfriend told me that when I wear winged eyeliner it "looks like I will take no shit and could cut a bitch", which is a vibe I really want to project more
  • Curled my newly cut hair
  • Hoovered my dressing room and bedroom
All that and it's only 12:30pm.

What I want to achieve in two weeks:

  • Actually stick to a blog post everyday 
  • Practice an hour of self-love everyday (workout, pamper, meditation etc)
  • Build a year long plan for the blog
  • Look into switching my site over to Wordpress
  • Clean my makeup brushes (We should all do this!!)
  • Reach out to friends who I haven't spoke to in a while
  • Make daily lists to I don't get lost day to day
  • Finish the book I've been reading for a whole month lol

While what's happening around us is super scary, maybe this is a blessing in disguise! We can catch up on sleep and get back on track with work/life admin we've been putting off. In the coming weeks expect content daily, from beauty, fashion to general chats, I hope you will enjoy reading whatmegwears! 

Megan x

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