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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

A Love Letter To Florence Pugh (I'm Obsessed)

Help! I'm obsessed with Florence Pugh!

I was first introduced to her while watching Little Women, I instantly fell in love with her character Amy. On top of Florence's flawless acting, Amy's costumes were to die for. From her artist scrubs to that gorgeous gown she wears to paint in the park (how fancy).

I started following her on Instagram, and I literally live for her cooking videos, she's always trying to bring a little joy into the world through cooking, not to mention I could listen to her sweet traditional English accent all day long.

Can we please talk about her flawless red carpet looks too, from her clothing, hair and makeup everything is just presented so well. My favourite look of hers by far was the Louis Vuitton Oscars dress, paired with a cute crystal necklace and matching shoes, woooowww, it fit like a glove!

Everyone need's a bit of Florence in their lives!

Megan x

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