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Friday, 27 March 2020

A Travel Bucket List For When Lockdown Ends

The only thing that is getting me through staying inside is knowing that we will be able to go out again, light at the end of the tunnel I would say. I'm using this time to really think about where I want to travel. Since going on my first solo trip to Paris at the start of the year (you can read all about it here) I am obsessed with seeing more of the world.


Venice is the ultimate romantic location and I would love nothing more than to explore the canals and city. Everything about Venice just makes it seem like its on another planet, worlds away from Northern England where I live, I really want to go because I know I'll never go anywhere else like it again.

Paris (Again)

After going to Paris solo this year I absolutely fell in love with the city and would like to go back with my boyfriend and really explore everything Paris has to offer. I've been learning a little French to help me on my travels! Next time, I would love to go up the Eiffel Tower and visit Montmartre for the amazing view of Paris at the top of the hill.


The bright colours of Morocco look unbelievable, plus I've heard the hotels in Morocco are to die for, big and luxurious all the way! I love how you can really see the culture in Morocco, it's really unapologetic. The city of Marrakesh looks incredible and I think I've watched about 10 vlogs of people visiting the city because I am just so in love with it.


I've never been a huge partier but I feel like one thing I really need to do is Ibiza in the summer, the music and scenes are really my cup of tea. Plus some of the hotels in Ibiza are straight out of Instagram. I was hoping I would get to go this year but It looks like that's off the cards :(

Megan x

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