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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Keeping A Positive Mindset While Stuck Inside

I thought I'd dedicate todays post to things I am doing to keep a positive attitude while being stuck in the house. For people like me who struggle with anxiety on 'normal' days, the past few weeks/days have probably been challenging. Personally, my anxiety manifests when I am doing nothing, when I stop my brain overthinks, something this means I end up burning myself out, but I'm hoping by sharing what steps I'm taking while inside It will help a few of you who also struggle.

Keep your alarm on

I know what you're thinking...why?

You don't want to end up sleeping in till 9am every morning and feeling like your day is going to slip away from you. I normally wake up around 6-7AM without an alarm because I'm so used to having to get up at 5AM for work as I have for around 2 years, so 7AM is really a good sleep for me, but maybe for you 8:30 seems like a good time to make sure you catch up on a little sleep but also don't waste away your morning. Take some time to make yourself a good breakfast or have a cuppa!

Getting ready in the morning

I don't mean put on your office power suit to sit watching Netflix, even just something as minimum as joggers and a t-shirt will do, just not your PJ's! This just makes you feel like your day has started, and you can wake up properly.

Put some makeup on

I don't usually wear makeup to work but doing my makeup has been really therapeutic to me at the moment, mostly because I am just sat in sweatpants so I don't feel that great about my appearance but once I've got a bit of liner and foundation on, even in my sweatpants I start to feel more human.

Make a daily task list

What to you want to do today? Write it down!

Go Outside

soak up all that nature has to offer, luckily for me I live in a more rural setting so I can just go on a little walk and not bump into anyone, but If there's people kicking about make sure you're keeping a safe distance from them (2 Meters). If you have a garden now would be a good time to grab a book or a nice cold drink and sit outside for half an hour, let that vitamin D soak up into your skin.

Pick up a book or start a series

Now is a good time to get stuck into a new book or series, I think i'm going to start watching Sex In The City from the start or even re-watch Ugly Betty (a classic, iconic show). I've also got two books on my shelf that I should really start to read soon!

Megan x

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