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Sunday, 8 March 2020

Writing For Myself And Not For The Approval Of Others

I've been blogging since the early years of my teens, with that means Ive seen the change of the blogosphere locally, nationally and globally. At the ripe age of 20 I've realised that If I really want to achieve anything good with my blog I've got to do it for myself and nobody else.

Of course my blog originally started off for myself but after a year of so I got wrapped up in the fun and attention of it all- making myself know as the 'blogger' to be different from my peers. Not really sure why I thought being so different from everyone was cool, I think I just wanted to grow up quicker.

After blogging for a few years, I got invited to events and started to meet local bloggers who for the most part are really lovely people. But I got hooked on blogging trends and what was 'in' and forgot to be myself along the way. I used to write spontaneously and literally not give a fuck, but I quickly stopped doing that because I wanted a curated feed that would be easier to look at, essentially easier to market, as by that time people had started making money from blogging. That in turn made it all boring and I stopped blogging altogether.

After time I realised that my mind wasn't marketable, I am weird, have racing thoughts and really not curate-able in the slightest, although I admire people who find it easy to pluck parts of their personality- all the good, happy parts and sell it to an audience.

Writing a blog about anything should be for the fun of it, because you LOVE what you are writing about, not for the clicks likes and attention it brings. I think I realised this when I started reading last year, obviously I'm not going to read a book that I don't enjoy, and I'm sure the Author wouldn't write a whole big ass book if they didn't enjoy it but funny enough I did find myself writing blog posts I didn't even care about simply because I knew it would get more clicks. Now I don't bother with writing anything I don't find stimulating, I would often buzz about the numbers next to my blog but now even if I get zero views I literally couldn't care less! As long as I am enjoying the content I am producing.

Megan x

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