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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

How I Organise My Dressing Table

While being off work I've done a lot of organising, throwing out and cleaning, Marie Kondo was right about EVERYTHING!

A space that I find always get's messy first is my dressing table, It's the first place I go in the morning and the last place before bed at night so both times when sitting down I am tired and not really wanting to fuss too much meaning I often just leave stuff on the table hoping that I will have energy another day to sort it out... and you guessed it! I never do.

I try to keep the desk part of the table as clean as possible and stray away from having anything other than makeup on there. My makeup is all stored in my Winnie The Poo cosmetics bag, which is probably the cutest bag ever may I just add. Other than that I have a little acrylic storage for cotton pads which I use to take my makeup off, I keep more cotton pads in the drawer underneath my table.

The drawer underneath my table is where I have all the extra bit's and pieces that make a Dressing Table messy. I tried to section it off into 3 separate compartments: health and hair, new products and skincare, and the last one is just cotton pads and hairspray (It doesn't fit with the other hair products).

In the smaller drawers on top of the desk I just keep painkillers, nail clippers and pencil sharpeners, the things that you need but have no specific place for them most of the time. On the right hand side drawer I keep my makeup brushes and a magnifying mirror that I use to do my eyebrows in. The opposite side consists of my body care and makeup remover. This is just so It's really easy to access and more importantly I can see straight away when I'm running low.

Have you been organising your life while on lockdown? It's a good time to sort everything out!

Megan x

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