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Monday, 13 April 2020

My Everyday Ring Stack

Accessories have always been my favourite part of any outfit, Jewellery adds that little bit extra 'something' to absolutely anything. It's not exactly everyday that I do get to wear Jewellery because of my job, I don't want to risk accidentally breaking anything in the stockroom which I may, or may not have done to a £160 watch before *oops* and yes, I did in-fact shed a little tear over that one because It was about 3 months out of it's two year warranty. But when I do get the chance to wear any rings or bracelets, they're always rose gold, Olivia Burton and Pandora.

Olivia Burton Is a brand that I've been obsessed with for around 2 years, every birthday and Christmas I always receive something from the brand. My first ever purchase from the brand was the classic bee ring, which I still wear every possible chance I get and is obviously featured in my everyday ring stack along with the perl bee ring and the gorgeous bee bangle, altogether I have around 6 pieces from the brand and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I am so in love with one of their most recent collections inspired by the sea, I really need to get my hands on the shell ring which is a beautiful gold and is quite thick, in contrast with all the other pieces I own from them. If you're into rose gold, bees, rabbits and all things floral and girly, check Olivia Burton out, you'll be obsessed with their pieces!

The only other brand I've got an established amount from in my Jewellery collection is Pandora, sorry to be a basic bitch but Pandora are really overlooked nowadays because of their popular stunt 3 years ago when everyone and their mam had a Pandora bracelet and a princess crown ring *cringeee*.  Don't worry everyone, I never owned neither, the only fashion mistake I ever indulged in was UGG boots and it even seems they're making the appearance again. I have a selection of silver and gold rings in my collection but the one that sees the most daylight is without a doubt the rose gold heart band ring, It sits perfectly with the OB rings and is dead on the same shade of rose gold.

I really want to expand my collection with more British designed jewellery, especially in these trying times, I have my eye on a few pieces from Sammi Maria's Jewellery line, they're all ethically made (another biggie for me) and I'd love to support an OG blogger in their new venture. Please give me any reccommendations for other British brands in the comments. :)

Megan x

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