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Friday, 1 May 2020

My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

I recently filmed an everyday makeup tutorial on TikTok but thought I'd go more in depth with it over here on the blog, if you'd like to see the TikTok you can view it HERE.

I like to keep my makeup simple, easy and natural looking. A lot of my everyday products are drugstore and cheap, this is because throughout the last few years I've really got out of the habit of doing makeup literally everyday, mostly because my job really doesn't require it and also because I really started to fall in love with fashion and that dulled my interest in any new beauty products or trends.

My base is always the same, a simple primer, followed with light foundation and concealer (read about what foundation I use HERE). Bronzer isn't that important to me, it's really the highlighter that I go ham on. I usually use two Mac highlighters. Soft and gentle which is a cult beauty classic and then Mac x Pony Park highlighter in 'Sky's The Limit', this product has a beautiful golden tone which really reflects well with soft and gentle and compliments my skin tone. I normally set my forehead and under eyes with a combination of Stay Matte powder and Makeup Revolution 'Luxury Baking Powder' in Banana. When I'm going "out out" I tend to go for the latter because it adds a little more coverage to my foundation.

My eyebrows are an integral part of my makeup because without them I look like a 12 year old, my brows are a bit too spare for my liking so I always go over with a pencil, I prefer a pencil because It's really quick and probably the easiest of the brow products to use. I alternate between NYX Micro Brow Pencil and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, both products work really well, obviously I'd prefer to always use Anastasia because you do pay for what you get, the pencil seems to last longer and goes on so smooth, but at the moment I'm using NYX which is still a good colour match for my brows and a cheap alternative.

I don't think I've ever worn fake eyelashes in my life, so having a good mascara is pretty important to tie my whole look together, I have quite nice lashes so I just use the good old eyelash curler and some mascara and leave it at that. I've recently been using the Max Factor Masterpiece High Def Mascara and I think it's working really well for me so far, It''s great at lash separation and the amount of product that comes off the brush onto the lash isn't too much- making it super easy to build. I also find it really easy to apply the mascara on my bottom lashes too, which I love to do because It makes the eyes look a little bit more awake.

If I want a little something extra I'll add Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Pencil in Iconic Nude and Lipstick in Very Victoria. Charlottes lip products are so creamy and go on like a dream. I really want to expand my collection because this lipstick has been through it with me, It's the perfect tone of nude to compliment my complexion and hair colour too. Every time I apply these products I always feel fancy and like a proper woman, I do think Charlottes brand really nails that sophisticated feel.

I'm actually looking to expand my daily makeup collection to include more recent/ up to date products, let me know if you have any suggestions!

Megan x

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