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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Project 10 Pan

Project 10 Pan

What is project 10 pan? Project 10 pan is a beauty challenge where you have to hit pan aka use up all your product on 10 items before you can purchase anything else. Normally people do it with just makeup items but as I've said before my makeup collection actually isn't that big so I've included hair and skincare in my 10 pan too.

Over the past few months I've been wanting to experiment more with makeup which means I've been purchasing a few things, and while I haven't got a huge stockpile of products I think project 10 pan will force me to use what I've got before I go ham placing online orders.

How I selected my products

I decided the best way to select what products I wanted to use up would be selecting a mixture of things I use everyday and things that are already coming to an end. This way, including both of them In my everyday makeup, skincare and haircare will hopefully mean I can get rid of them quicker. I also decided to include a eyeshadow palette in Project 10 pan, I noticed quite a lot of people didn't include a palette for obvious reasons (takes a while to hit pan) but since my favourite shade has already hit pan I am going to consider the palette 'done' when I hit pan on 3 colours and have significant dints in 2 colours. This is a huge task and you best believe I will be wearing this palette on my eyes everyday! 

Product List 

1. Fenty Beauty Primer (3-4 uses left)
2. The Body Shop Concealer (significant dint in pan)
3. Superdrug Vitamin E Cleanser (pretty full)
4. Makeup Revolution Bronzer (close to pan)
5. B&B Hair protectant spray (half full)
6. Rituals Shower Oil (full)
7. Palmers Cocoa Butter (half full)
8. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil (nearly gone)
9. NYX Black Eyeliner (still some product in tube)
10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance (1 shade pan)

The only Exception to project 10 pan: you can buy another product if you consider it an essential and don't have a replacement, for example once I finish my Cocoa Butter I can re-purchase or buy another body moisturiser as I consider it an essential beauty product.

When I'll Be Updating

I'll be doing a follow up blogpost about these products to let you know how I get on every 4 weeks. My goal is to have 2 products gone every month! 

I hope that reading my project 10 pan has inspired you to do the same, if it has please let me know what products you've chosen in the comments below :) 

Megan x

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