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Friday, 8 May 2020

Recent Depop Purchases (Absolute Steals)

Following up on my recent post about how to shop on Depop, I thought I'd show you what I've been buying on the app recently. I've been looking for both practical and classic items  I can add to my wardrobe. I've noticed that pretty much all my items are ASOS, I'm not shocked at that revelation but this should be a mental note for me to break out of that habit.

I purchased an abstract jumpsuit at the start of lockdown for around £10, It's super comfy I just don't really know what to wear on my feet while I wear this because I'm so awkwardly small, so at the moment this number hasn't left the house, however when it's been hot and I'm enjoying the sun in the garden I have been popping this on to laze around.

The blue fleece that you can see in the first picture on this post is VERY cosy, as I'm sure you can tell because It looks like It's going to swallow me whole, lol. This like everything else is a size 16, It actually fits my arms really well just the collar looks bit crazy because I'm small, but I will 100% be wearing this on days when it's a little chilly, just because It's nearly summer doesn't mean It won't be cold, after all I do live In the UK.

Shoes are my weakness, and this month I've purchased two pairs on Depop, I do feel a little less guilty when they're second hand and cheaper than the original price point. I managed to get some chunky boots from ASOS for £15, the seller had never worn them and they are brand new, so for £15 I'd consider that a steal! I then found some gorgeous pink and red New Balance that I got for £45, the original price for these babies is £65 so I'd say thats a good price point, and yet again these shoes had not been worn, only tried on. Honestly, shoes make my heart so full they're easily my favourite part of any outfit. These New Balance shoes are literally me if I were a shoe, not even exaggerating!!

I've got my eyes on some more pieces but I really need to reel in the purchases, I've just got rid of half my wardrobe I don't want it all back with impulse Depop purchases but ya girl is struggling.

Megan x

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