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Sunday, 2 August 2020

My First Salon Visit Post-Lockdown | Fruit Salad Realness

So, It's been a while, but I thought the best way to come back to my blog would be to show you all what I've been doing to my hair. For the last few years I had been growing out my natural colour, which is a darker brown with blonde tones. I destroyed the colour of my hair when I was in school with red's and purples so I needed a good while to sort out my hair.

I had been craving some change for a while, I was sick of my brown and wanted to be a little extra so obviously I did the exact thing hairdressers everywhere told us not to during lockdown- I bleached my hair and dyed it pink! I did love the outcome, however after a while it started to go patchy and my roots were just not looking cute, so I booked the first salon appointment I could.

I looked around a lot before booking and decided to visit Salon M on Pilgrim Street in Newcastle, I went there because their page is full with gorgeous blondes and that's eventually what I would like to be able to pull off. However with my hair in the state it was in, I knew I'd need a lot of TLC.

So from this appointment I was able to go from a coppery, pink patchy mess to a gorgeous Purple to orange. We decided to go this colour because parts of my hair that didn't want to let go of the pink yet, plus I really couldn't go from a pink to blonde in one appointment in the state I was in so this is the first step in the start of my journey to becoming a blonde (I've heard they have more fun).

I am so in love with how the turned out and I'm even more excited to go back for my next appointment to see what colour I can achieve next, I do think it's going to take another two appointments to get my hair the blonde I would love however I'm more than willing to put in the money and time considering how well the first appointment turned out!

If you want to check out Salon M you can visit their Facebook page HERE.
The super talented stylist who worked on my hair is called Jordan, and you can follow him on Instagram at

Megan x

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