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Monday, 2 November 2020

My Easy Go To Self-Care Routine For Autumn

My Easy Go To Self-Care Routine In Autumn

I know you're probably sick of every blogger and influencer going on about how important self-care is, and sometimes self-care almost feels unattainable when placed in the context of your own life. "Where in the week will I have time to put three different serums on my face, run a bath with rose petals in, do daily yoga and meditate while drinking herbal tea?"

A good self-care routine can really change your whole perspective on how your week is going and my honest self-care routine is super easy and not too time consuming. I do this routine about once every 3 weeks, like a little treat to help me keep my sanity. I obviously do some of these things everyday or every other day, but I do like to accumulate them all into one day for the ultimate self-care day.

Tidy My Immediate Area

Where do you spend the most time when you're not working? Or is your workspace now home? I swear tidying my immediate area up does wonders. Personally, I see my dressing room get the messiest when things are getting on top of me, so the first thing I like to do on a self-care day is try my best to have a quick tidy, it doesn't have to be a massive thing but just put things back in their place. Give the place a quick hoover and pick up clothes and bags from the floor (I have a terrible habit of just chucking my bag on the floor of my dressing room when coming in from work). I sometimes like to add a quick change of bed sheets into the mix too if I haven't already changed them because this is the perfect time to do that, knowing that once you've finished tidying and sorting your life out you can curl back up into clean sheets.

My Easy Go To Self-Care Routine In Autumn

Baths, Shaving and Relaxation 

Baths honestly solve all of my problems... ok, maybe that's an overstatement but you get the idea. 

This post wan't supposed to be in the exact order of what I do on a self-care day but I ALWAYS bath after cleaning and changing my bed, maybe it's because even a small tidy up and changing sheets is a full body workout, nevertheless a good bath with a hair mask, shaved legs and Radox or some form of bubble bath never goes amiss! I also like to add a face mask into the groove if I can be bothered, I opt for the Charlotte Tilbury Clay Mask because it stays on for 10 minutes just like the Bed Head hair mask I use. 

I've actively been getting into moisturising my body more often because *Jon Snow voice* WINTER IS COMING! Anyone who suffers from eczema knows the pain of dry skin in Winter, I've been using Palmers Coco Butter to give myself a good amount of moisture. If any of you have tattoos take this post as a reminder to moisturise, even if you're tattoos are healed!

Sometimes the whole bath procedure lasts longer than it needs to but just remind yourself of that feeling when your freshly shaved legs hit the new bedding, is there any better feeling? 

Fresh Nails, Trash TV And A Good Cuppa 

I feel like a criminal writing this while my nails look the worst they have in a loooong time, but let's put that aside for now because one of my favourite routines on a self-care day is paining my nails while sipping a hot beverage, it will most likely be green tea or good old fashioned english breakfast tea. As for choice of TV, I actually don't mean 'TV' I mean watching Trisha Paytas vlogs while I reassure myself that my life is actually okay and could never compare to Trisha crying on her kitchen floor. 

Sissy That Walk!

Going on a walk really helps my mental health, whenever I feel like everything is getting a bit much I just pop my headphones in and listen to a good Spotify playlist or one of my favourite Podcasts.

I sometimes wish I lived in a  bustling city but then when I go out on one of my walks I realise that it wouldn't be half as beneficial to me if there was traffic and loud city noises to disturb me. I'll stick to squirrels and woodpeckers for now! Sometimes I don't really have time to go on a long walk, or maybe I've got to go somewhere but in instances like that I decide just to hop off the bus a stop earlier and walk the 5 minutes to my actual stop, just to get in some peace and quiet time for myself, or even just take a short 5 minute walk around where I live.

Hot Water Bottle And Bed

Obviously between this last self-care step and the others I get on with whatever needs doing, but to finish off the day as I started it, what better way to relax than to get a hot water bottle and settle down for the night. I tend to find myself in bed earlier when i'm not at work with the dark nights. On days where I want to look after my mind I tend to switch off from all socials and put my phone far away from myself so I can't just reach for it whenever I want. 

My favourite type of programme to watch is anything true crime, although sometimes it can be heavy so I relay a lot on my comfort shows like New Girl, Parks and Recreation and Friends. And yes, I do find Friends funny.

I think that just about sums up my easy go to self-care routine that never fails me. While it's simple, it allows me to adjust it to that particular day and doesn't take up a lot of time. I always come away refreshed and in a better mindset.

Comment on this post and let me know your self-care routine, maybe there's some steps I could add into mine?!

Megan x


  1. Love this self-care routine! Hot bottles are an essential during autumn!

    1. I have way too many hot water bottles lol you'd think I was cold all year round!

  2. Walking has been a real benefit for me over the last few months. I live in London but am staying in Kent at my mum's for this lockdown, I definitely prefer the nature walks! Guess the grass is always greener ;)

    1. Nothing better than some fresh air and crunchy leaves! :)