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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Dressing Room Update (Ft Photowall)

Dressing Room Update (Ft Photowall)

I've been meaning to update my blog with my newly decorated dressing room for a while. Lockdown #2 got me really busy and creative, I started to get bored of the same old surroundings which is inevitable after half a year inside, so I decided to get crafty. 

I went searching on Facebook marketplace for a 50’s vintage dressing table and came across one that had already been re-imagined. It was cute however a bit too dark and gothic for me. I was thinking more pink and navy, and some cool looking handles. This was giving me vampire layer vibes. So I went to one of the only shops that was open and the best place for furniture paint... B&Q. 

The whole process of taking the old dresser apart, repainting and stripping the previous owners work away took about 1 week. And by the end I was glad it was over, I sanded my heart out! 

Dressing Room Update (Ft Photowall) 2

Overall I was quite impressed with my hard work, although I realised that the previous set up I had with my other dressing table wouldn’t work with this one, so I was going to have to change my room around a little. This left me with a issue that was bugging me. My left hand side wall was bare, I only have a small standing mirror and the rest was just white wall, and I had already put time into the gallery wall on the right so I didn’t want to pull that down and start again. Luckily, Photowall reached out to me at the perfect time and offered to send me a print in exchange for a review of their services. I browsed their website for a while and came across loads of lovely prints and even wallpaper! They offer every type of print you could possibly want with a variety of styles and artists.

I chose a good sized (and by that I mean HUGE) 150 x 150 cm print. It’s everything I wanted for the space, colourful and positive. It even came a handy wooden display and nail so I (or rather my dad) could nail it to the wall! I am looking forward to ordering some more of their prints to go on my gallery wall behind my dressing table! 

They were kind enough to give me a 25% off code for my readers. If this is something that interests you, please feel free to use the code “whatmeganwears25” for money off! 

I still feel like the room isn’t finished though, and I know that’s down to my clothing rails, they’re very unruly and messy most of the time and I think I’ve got to the point where I’d love a wardrobe again, something I never wanted to say because I always thought rails looked so cool in dressing rooms - but alas, the time has come. I just have wayyy too many clothes to fit on my racks. I think I want to go for a rattan single wardrobe to narrow down the amount of clothes I have going into 2021, it's a task I really need to get on top of before the new year. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, 

Megan x

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